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EMV Debit Cards

EMV Debit Cards

Members with a SunWest Credit Union debit card expiring in 2017 will begin receiving chip enabled replacement cards 3/1/2017.  These cards are widely accepted and increase security and reduce card fraud with dynamic authentication capabilities.  New card numbers and PIN numbers will be consistent with the magnetic stripe cards they are replacing.

SunWest Credit Union asks members to activate and begin using the new cards right away and to destroy old card(s).  Once the new chip cards are activated, the magnetic stripe cards will be automatically deactivated.
A PIN mailer will be sent separate from your card.  If you would like to change your PIN, the toll-free phone number and required reference number will be enclosed.  The Voice Response Unit will prompt you on how to change the PIN.  This process replaces in-branch PIN changes.

Chip Card Technology: The Future of Card Security

In an effort to combat the increasing security vulnerabilities in card payment processing, Europay MasterCard and VISA (EMV) have come together to create a new global standard for credit card and debit card payments, known as EMV Chip Card Technology. As this evolution in payment systems begins entering households across the United States, we’d like to help our members gain an understanding of how it will benefit you by increasing card security and reducing fraud

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