Overdraft Protection

Member Privilege

Member Privilege is a service that may help cover overdrafts on your checking account. It’s available to some account holders that need additional funds from time to time. A fee is associated with this program.

Overdraft Line of Credit

You can expect more from a checking account when you apply for an overdraft protection line of credit. It will automatically cover your account if funds are low or in an emergency. You don't have to notify the credit union in advance, the line of credit will protect your account automatically. Plus, you can use it as a loan. You can access the loan by writing a check or using your debit card.

Current Rates
Overdraft Loan Rates
Type Loan Rate*
as low as
Overdraft Protection Line of Credit** 14.70% APR
* Rates may vary based on your credit history. APR=Annual Percentage Rate.
** There is no membership or participation fee. There are no minimum, fixed, transaction or activity fees. There is a $15 late fee.
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